Australian Slang.

22.Dinkum, fair dinkum dinky di = Genuine, true, the real thing.

23.Dodgy=Not Working.

24.Don’t come the raw prawn=Don’t try to fool me.

25. Down Under=Australia and New Zealand.

26. Drink with the flies=A solitary drinker.

27. Drongo=An unintelligent and worthless person.

28. Earbash=Talk non-stop.

29.Ear bashing=nagging, non-stop chatter.

30. Fair go, Fair crack of the whip=Give someone a  break.

31.Five finger discount= Shoplift.

32. Galah=A noisy parrot, used to describe someone who is

noisy and nonsensical.

33. G’day=Traditional Australian greeting meaning  ”Hello”.

34.Got no coin=short of funds.

35.He’s got tickets on himself= A person who thinks he is

the greatest.

36. Hoon=Hooligan.

37.Fair go=noun:-a chance(”give a bloke a fair go”)

38.Footy=noun:-Aussie Rules Football.

39.Good on ya=good for you, well done.

40.Heaps=a lot, e.g.”thanks heaps”,”(s)he earned

heaps of money” etc.

41.Icy pole=Frozen Popsicle or ice cream on a stick.

42.Jack- in- the- box=Someone who can’t sit still.

43. King hit=A punch delivered without warning.

44.Knocker=One who criticizes.

45.Lair=A show -off.

46. Larrikin=A  ruffian.

47.Make a crust=Work for a living.

48.Mate=Greeting can refer to men and women

meaning buddy/friend.

49. Narkie= Someone who is negative or short tempered.

50. Outback=The remotest  parts of the bush.

51.Ocker=A boorish Australian.


53.Oz=Term for Australia.

54.Oldies=Parents-”I”ll have to ask my oldies.



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