Your guide to Australian slang.

1.Ankle-biter=Small child.

2.Aussie=An Australian.

3.Back O’Rourke=In the  middle of nowhere.

4.Backroom Waltz= Interrogation at the police station.

5.Banana bender=A resident of Queensland State, once

derided as being backward. Allegedly, the only native

skill was to put a bend in banana.

6.Big note yourself=Self-aggrandizing, putting on airs.

7. Beg  yours=I beg your pardon.

8.Blow in the bag=A breathalyzer zest.

9. Bludger=Lazy person.

10. Bog in=Start eating ravenously.

11.Bush==noun:-The vast Australian countryside. It is

used to describe both the location,far away from the city,

and more importantly the typical natural vegetation.

To go bush is to go back to the country, back to the land.

12. Bushed=adjective:-exhausted.

13. Bush telly=Gazing at the stars.

14.Cactus=Dead, not working.

15.Captain Cook=Rhyming slang(similar to English cockney slang)

referring to the explorer who discovered Sydney; ”Take a Captain

Cook” means  to take a look.

16. Cark it=verb:-to die.

17.Chuck a sickie=Call in sick when you’re actually feeling well.

18.Clean as a whistle=clear.


20.Cooee=A bush yell for when you are lost.

21.Cut the red tape=Cut the official work.



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