Your guide to American slang.

1.Airhead=stupid person.


I have spent so many beans, but I still don’t get support

from you guys!

3.Dinosaur=something old fashioned or out of date.

”I’d love to play the latest games, but unfortunately my

computer  is a dinosaur.”

4. El cheapo=something really cheap.

I should have gone in for that el cheapo brand.

5. Fab=shortened for fabulous.

Your customer support is truly fab.


My computer has been behaving rather flakily for the

past few days.

7.Freebie=something that is free.

Are you giving any freebies with this product?

8.Go bananas=go crazy.

Your instructions are making me go bananas!!

9.Go down=happening.

What is going down here?

10. Gomer=a dumb person.

Please stop treating me like  a gomer.

11.Goof up/goofy/goof=do a mistake/silly/silly person.

I  guess I goofed up with my computer. The guys asked me

to do some goofy procedures to solve my problem.

He is such a goof.


The gut problem is how to go about reinstalling the whole thing?

13.Hang up=quit.

I think I’m going to hang up now. This is going nowhere.

14.Hip=sensible, informed.

Your agent was real hip!Why don’t you give him a raise?

15.Hip-shoot=talk without thinking.

Are you trying to hip-shoot your way out of this problem?

16. Hyper=really excited.

I  was hyper when I bought a HP computer.


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