Divine Corner.

1.Being mortal, never pray for an untroubled life.

Rather, ask the God to give you an enduring heart.


2. With the passing breeze, my soul moves

In search of God among the groves.

I search for Him in the rolling surges

of the vast sea, but He never emerges.

Hopefully I gaze at the sky to find Him there

But I finally sigh.

Then I look for Him, in my heart’s corner,

And there  He is, laughing at the searcher.

–A Futile Search(poem by Dr.Venkataramana K.V.)

3. There is a world within- a world of thought and feeling;

of light and beauty and although invisible, its forces are

mighty.——Charles F. Hannel.

4.No one is big being rich. He is big who remember Him.

5. To forget the  sorrowful world, remain merged in the

Godly love.

6. Conscience is God’s presence in man.

7. Surgeon sutures the  wound, God heals it.

8. The human being is ‘living’ because God within is

not ‘Leaving’.

9.In reality, every person is a free person. A person only

feels weighed down by his own waste thoughts.

10. Om(soul) Na(earth)Mah(water)Si(Fire) Va(Pranic Air)


=Universal Consciousness is ONE.






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