What The Epics Say.

1.Maharshi Kashyapa married 13 of Daksha’s daughters.

Aditi’s sons were the 12 Gods known as Adityas.

Diti’s sons  were the Daityas(demons)

The hundred sons of Danu came to be known as Danavas.

Arishta’s sons were the Gandharvas (singers of Heaven)

Surasa gave birth to the  snakes.

Khasa’s children were the Yakshas and the Rakshasas.

Surabhi’s  descendants were cows and buffaloes.

Vinata had two sons named Aruna and Garuda, the king of birds.

Tamara had 6 daughters. From these daughters were born owls,

eagles, vultures, crows, water -fowl, horses, camels and donkeys.

Krodhavasha had 14,000 children known as Nagas.

Ida gave birth to trees, creepers, shrubs and bushes.

Kadru’s sons were nagas or snakes.Important among them were

Ananta, Vasuki ,Takshaka and Nahusha.

Muni gave birth to Apsaras.(dancers of heaven)

2.Moon/Chandra marries 27 daughters of  Daksha. He favours only

Rohini among all his wives. The other  wives become upset and

complain to Daksha. He places a curse on Chandra which accounts

for the Moon’s waxing and waning.



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