Do You Know?

1.Uluru/Ayers Rock of Southern Australia changes its colour

according to variations of sun.

2.AMUL=Anand Milk Union Limited.

3.Vatican city(0.44km) is the world’s smallest country, also

known as the Holy Sea.

4.Mahabharata is the first written document in the world

to theorize the concept of cloning, test tube babies and

surrogate mothers. The science of cloning(embryo development

and artificial fertilization)was well known and practiced

during the Mahabharata times.

5. Sitting still for long hours can hurt your spine and hinder

blood flow. You can protect your health with regular movement

throughout the body.

6.Kannada Sahitya Parishat was founded on 3,May 1915 at

Bangalore to conserve and promote Kannada language and

literature.Founder was H.V.Nanjundaiah.

7. A Mother is:

a  Mazing

L   Oving

s  Trong

h  Happy

s  Elfless

g  Raceful

8.The only place where success comes before work

is in the dictionary.

9.Ravana created Shiva Thandava stotram. He was

Mahajnani, Mahapratapi,Mahabalashali, Akhand Pandit,

Mahan Shiva Bhakt, the mighty Lankesh was killed by

his Ego.

10. Villa means a mansion, a very large expensive house.

In Italian, villa means ”country house or farm.”



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