Do You Know?

1.According to Government of India, there are 247 total islands of India officially.204 islands in Bay of Bengal and 43 in Arabian sea.

2.Planets—————————————————Gems.(corresponding astrological gemstone)




Mars——————————————————–Red Coral.


Saturn—————————————————-Blue sapphire.

Jupiter—————————————————Yellow sapphire.


Ketu——————————————————Cat’s Eye.

3.There is only one temple dedicated  to Lord Brahma-the Pushkar temple in Rajasthan.

4.Archaeopteryx is the earliest known bird. Discovered in  1860 in Germany, it’s sometimes referred to as Urvogel, the  German word for original bird or first bird.

5.Birbal’s name was Mahesh Das Bhatt(B:1582). Akbar gave him the name ”Raja Birbal”He was a poet and singer in the court of Akbar.

6.Chanakya (350-275 BCE)was a Sharma Brahmin from modern day Patna. Kautilya and Vishnu Gupta are his other names. He was the Prime Minister of Chandra Gupta, the first ruler of Mauryan Empire.He wrote ”Artha Shastra”, a treatise on Economics with the pen name of Kautilya.

7.Baisakhi-Punjab New Year.–April  14.

Ugadi/Bisu Parba—Tulu New Year.–April 14.

Vishu—-Malayali New Year.–April 14.

Cheiraoba–Manipur New  Year.April 8.

Puthandu–Tamil New Year.—April 14.

Bohag Bihu-Assamese New Year.April 15.

Pohela Boishakh—Bengali New Year.–April 15.


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