Face Book Quotes.

1.Never blame anyone in your life.

Good people give you happiness.

Bad people give you experience.

Worst people give you a lesson.

Best people give you memories.

2.Time,friends,health and relations

don’t come with a price tag but when

we lose them, then we realize the cost.

3.Money is the worst discovery of human life.

But it is the most trusted material to test

human nature.

4.It’s time to be happy. Being angry, sad and

overthinking isn’t worth it anymore. Just let

things flow.Be positive.

5. No matter how good a person you are,

there will always be someone criticizing you.

6.Kindness makes you the most beautiful person

in the world, no matter what you look like.

7.Nobody is perfect, nobody is correct.

In the end affection is always greater than

perfection. Never  leave a true relationship

for a few faults.

8.Every word has consequences. Every silence too.

9.Without communication, there is no relationship.

Without respect, there  is no love. Without trust

there is no reason to continue.

10.Men of genius are admired; men of wealth are envied,

Men of power are feared but only men of  character are



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