A Visit To Bhuvaneshwara.

Bhuvaneshwara is a revered pilgrimage centre, referred to in the

Brahma Purana. Lingaraja temple here was built by  the ruler Yayati

Kesari in the 7th century. It is an outstanding specimen of the Orissa

style of temple building.

Bhuvaneshwar, Puri and Konark constitute the Golden Triangle of Orissa,

visited in large numbers by pilgrim and tourists.

Parasurameshwara temple at Bhuvaneshwar dates back to the middle of

the 8th century.

Shanthi Stupa of Dhauligiri is also known as the Peace Pagoda.

Dhauligiri lies at a distance of 7 Km from Bhuvaneshwar, located on the

banks of the river Daya. Dhauli hill is presumed to be the area where

the Kalinga war was fought.

Konark Sun Temple is ( 13th century CE.) about 35 kilometres northeast

from Puri, on the coastline of Odisha/Orissa. The temple is attributed to

king Narasimhadeva 1 of the Eastern Ganga Dynasty about 1250 C E .

Sun temple of Konark is the UNESCO’s World Heritage Site.

Kona=Corner; Arka= Sun. The main attraction of the temple is it’s

12 pairs of wheels located at the base of  the temple. These wheels

are not ordinary wheels but tell times as well. The  spokes of the wheels

create a sundial. One can calculate the precise time of the day by just

looking at the shadows cast by these spokes.

The ISKCON TEMPLE  in Bhuvaneshwar was founded by Srila Prabhupada.

It was the 108th and the last branch of ISKCON. It is dedicated to Lord Krishna.

This temple is listed as a UNESCO World heritage site.


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