Do You Know?

  1. Udayapura  (present day Udyavara)was the capital of Alupa kings during 8th to 9th century.
  2. According to the Aryabhatta tradition, the Kali Age(Kaliyuga) began in the year 3102 BC.
  3. Solar System(Sol = Sun)
  4. Kannada Sahitya Parishat was founded on May 3, 1915.
  5. Shakuni and Gandhari were born in Gandhara, in modern day Afghanistan to king Subala.
  6. According to Corruption Perceptions Index 2012,Denmark is the least corrupt country.
  7. Senior citizens have the right to age gracefully. The parents without any means are to be supported by their children having sufficient means as per section 125 of the Criminal Procedure  Code.The Hindu Adoption and Maintenance Act 1956 also secures this right to parents.
  8. English language has a paucity of words describing relationships.English can’t describe relationships accurately as in Indian languages-eg:Urmila(wife of younger brother of Rama) or wife of an elder brother of Sita’s husband)
  9. Yoga is a philosophy of life, not restricted to just ”Aasana” and ”Praanayaama”.It is a path of all round development of an individual.Patanjali defines Yoga as a  technique of mind control. Vasishta, the deva guru said yoga is a skillful strategy to calm down the mind.
  10. Bahraini pearls are famous for their brilliance, purity and beauty.
  11. The 5th Sikh Guru Arjan brought all the hymns of the previous gurus into one single set of scriptures known as Adi Granth. The 9th Guru Teg Bahadur had his hymns included into the Guru Granth Sahib by the 10th Guru, Guru Gobind Singh who sealed the scripture.
  12. Martin Luther a German theologian and religious reformer was the catalyst of the 16th century Protestant Reformation, Father of Protestantism and the church reformer.
  13. Source:Collection.

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