Short And Sweet Poems.

1.Life can be made stronger than death;

If man learns carefully and unmistakably

The language of love.———-Sri Chinmoy.

2.Poetry is the spontaneous overflow

of powerful feelings:

It takes its origin from emotion recollected

in tranquility. ——-William Words Worth.

3.When I think of waves, I visualise the ocean;

When I think of clouds, I visualise the sky;

When I think of pain, I visualise the body;

And when I think of God,I visualize the Universe

Which, with its myriad problems,

Is never full or empty.

–Dr. Venkataramana K.V.(Poem-My Thoughts)

4. Day gives me knowledge,

Night gives me wisdom;

Day keeps me in bondage,

Night  gives me freedom.

Day gives me courage.

Night drowns me n fear;

Day acquaints me with nature.

Night brings Him near.

–Dr.Venkataramana K V(Poem-Day And Night)

5. Our life is like a thorny rose, not perfect,

But always beautiful.–Kirston D Warfield.







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