Divine Corner.

  1. Loud voice of Aarati in Temple, Namaz in Masjid, Prayer in Church is heard by people, not by God. God hears the silent voice which comes from core of heart.
  2. O God!I go on chanting your name, not that I need you at the moment, but that I may need you in my dark moments, anytime,anywhere on my life’s journey. -Poet Dr.Venkataramana K.V.
  3. There is calmness when life is lived in gratitude and quiet joy.
  4. Prayer is the key of the morning and the bolt of the evening.–Gandhiji.
  5. Religion is the frozen thought of men out of which they build temples.—–J.Krishnamurthi.
  6. No doubt religion has to answer for some of the most terrible crimes in history. But that is the fault not of religion but of the ungovernable brute in man.-Gandhiji.
  7. God is our expression for all  forces and powers which we do not understand or with which we are unfamiliar.—Samuel Butler.
  8. Many aches and pains are of emotional origin. Back pain, excessive perspiration, palpitations and ulcers:all have their root in negative emotion.Next time you feel discomfort, check your mood.
  9. For a religious devotee to try to reform others instead of reforming himself  is a grievous mistake. —Gampopa.
  10. The future is today. Live for today, enjoy today-it comes but only once. Source:Collection.

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