What the legends say.

1.Ravana was married to Mandodari, the daughter of

the celestial architect Maya, Dhanyamalini and a third wife.

He had 7 sons from his 3 wives.

Atikaya was the son of Ravana and Dhanyamalini.

Akshaya kumara was the youngest son of Ravana.

He was killed by Hanumaan. Narantaka was killed by

Dadhibal,son of Sugreeva. Devantaka was killed by

Hanuman during the war. Trishira was killed by Rama.

Prahasta was killed by Lakshmana.

2.Sita is  daughter  of Ravana and  his wife Mandodari.

Astrologers predicted that she will become the reason

for Ravana’s death. To save his life Ravana threw the

child into the sea. Varuni, the sea goddess gave the

child to earth goddess Pritvi. Pritvi gave her to king

Janaka. As per Ramayana, Sita was found by King Janaka

while ploughing  a field.

3. Ravana’s  ten  heads represent his knowledge of the

six shastras and the four vedas.

4. Meghanaada was the eldest son of demon king Ravana.

He got the name Indrajit after he defeated Indra.


North————————————————–Om Sam Kuberaya namah.

South————————————————–Om Mam  Yamaya  namah.

East—————————————————–Om  Lam Indraya namah.

West—————————————————Om Vam Varunaaya Namah.

Kubera is God of wealth and success.

Yama is the God of justice, the deity of Dharma and Lord of death.

Indra is the king of swarga and the Devas. He is the God of rains,

lightning, thunder, storms and river flows. His son is Jayanth

and sister is Jayanti.

Varuna and Saturn are respectively the directional Lord and

planetary Lord of west.


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