Divine Corner.

1.”God is crazy about you.

He sends you  a sunrise every morning,

Flowers all spring.

He has the Universe but prefers to live

in your heart.

Leave yourself to Him.

He will never let you down.”

This sums up God’s infinite love for us.

We fail to see the good and prefer to count the negatives.

Don’t ask God for anything but pray for the less fortunate.

Humanity is the biggest religion.Being a good human being

is more important than following a particular religion.

Religion is a way of life but many people use it  as a tool

to spread disharmony and hatred.

2.When I stare at the sky,

I see the sun shining brightly, uniformly

And all alone.

But, as I look down at the earth,

I see a million fragments of another sun

Called humanity, in the form of castes, sub castes.

Races and religions.

(”A Fragmented World”-poem by Dr. Venkataramana K.V.)

3. There is no cure for birth and death

Save to enjoy the interval.

4.Man has two eyes. One sees only what moves in fleeting

time, the other what is eternal and divine.

5. Thought is life, What you think, that you are.

Your thought creates your environment.

Your thought  constitute your world.

Healthy thought keeps good health.

Body is a product of mind and is

under the control of mind.

-Swami Vivekananda.





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