Every flower is an autograph from the hand  of God.

Flowers capture the expressions of nature like nothing else.

When words escape, flowers speak. We associate flowers

with the special times of our lives–birthdays, marriages,

farewells.  No occasion goes without the fragrance of flowers.

Flower is a representation of everything sprightly and jovial.

Offering flowers is an important part of Hindu worship as

different Gods and Goddesses are known to love certain flowers.

Rose symbolizes beauty, affection and love. Goddess Lakshmi

with Lotus signifies wealth and richness.Marigold flower defend

the house from mosquitoes.Aroma of Rath Ki Rani makes the person

sleepy and puts one to sleep.Many flowers are stress relievers

and have anti depressant properties that can be used as

medicines to treat mental illness or chronic mental disorders.

Oil of Jasmine flower is used in skin disorders, pyaria(dental

disease), toothache,  injuries, eye complaints etc.

Lotus is  national flower of India and Egypt.



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