Divine Corner.

  1. God knows the heart of each person and one’s innermost needs, feelings and fears. It’s in His power to give each person exactly what he or she needs.
  2. Troubles, like a washing machine, twist us and knock us around, and in the end, we come out brighter and better than before.
  3. To  see and understand the big picture, you’ve got to meet the Master Painter.
  4. Keep your face toward the light and the darkness will never be able to close in on you.
  5. Relax and enjoy life. You’ll never live this day again.
  6. Though God’s ways of operating may perplex us at times, if we trust Him, in due time we will understand.
  7. The way to be happy is to make someone happy. Past is history. Future is mystery. Live in the real.We are often lost in the world of becoming and not living in the world of being. Live the moment with totality. Tomorrow may never come. God is not in the future but in the present.
  8. Make God your partner in every undertaking. It’s only when we act to the best of our ability and also ask God to act through us, that we draw His power.
  9.  O,God! Give me health, wealth and longevity; and above all, the wisdom to cling to YOU till eternity.-”A Prayer” by Dr.Venkataramana K.V.
  10. Oh Almighty! may Thy compassion and grace pervade all souls and bring down the pains and wipe away the tears.
  11. Source:Collection.

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