Maha Shivaraatri.

ShivratriMaha Shivaraatri was the day when Lord Shiva

drank poison to save the world. It is the night

when Shiva performs Tandava dance. North

Indians celebrate the day as the wedding

anniversary of  Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati.

According to Linga Purana, the oval shaped stone

is the symbol of universe and the bottom base

represents the Supreme Power that holds the

entire universe in it. According to Skanda

Purana,”The endless sky is the Linga, the Earth

is it’s base.”

Features of Shiva include the snake Vasuki

around His neck, the third eye on His forehead,

an adjourning crescent moon and Ganga flowing

from His hair.He carries a trishula and a damaru

in His hands which act as a weapon and musical

instrument respectively. Lord Shiva is known by

many names like Mahadeva, Mahayogi ,Pashupati,

Nataraaja, Bhairava, Vishvanath and Bholenath.

He is worshipped in the form of a Lingam which

represents both Shiva and Shakti.


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