Australian Slang.

Ankle-biter=Small child.

Aussie=An Australian.

Back O’Rourke=In the middle of nowhere.

Backroom  waltz=Interrogation at the police station.

Banana bender=A resident of Queensland State, once

derided as being backward. Allegedly the only native

skill was to put a bend in a banana.

Big note yourself = Self-aggrandizing, putting on airs.

Beg yours=I beg your pardon.

Blow in the bag=A breathalyzer test.

Bludger=Lazy person.

Bog in=Start eating ravenously.

Bush=noun:-The vast Australian countryside. It is

used to describe both the location, far away from

the city, and more importantly the typical natural

vegetation. To go bush is to go back to the country,

back to the land.


Bush telly=Gazing at the stars.

Cactus=Dead, not working.

Captain Cook=Rhyming slang(similar to English cockney slang)

referring to the explorer who discovered Sydney;”Take a Captain

Cook” means to take a look.

Cark it =verb:-to die.

Chuck a sickie=Call in sick when you’re actually feeling well.

Clean as a whistle=Clear.


Cooee=A bush yell for when you are  lost.

Cut the red tape=Cut the official work.

Dinkum, fair dinkum, dinky i=Genuine, true, the real thing.

Dodgy=Not working.

Don’t come the raw prawn=Don’t try to fool me.

Down Under=Australia & New Zealand.

Drink with the flies=A solitary drinker.

Drongo=An unintelligent  and worthless person.

Earbash=Talk non-stop.

Ear bashing=Nagging, non-stop chatter.

Fair go,Fair crack of the whip=Give some one a break.

Five finger discount=Shoplift.

Galah=A noisy parrot, used to describe someone who

is noisy and nonsensical.

G’day=traditional Australian greeting meaning ”Hello”

Got no coin=short of funds.

He’s got tickets on himself=A person who thinks he is

the greatest.


Fair go=noun:-a chance(”give a bloke a fair go”)

Footy=noun:-Aussie Rules Football.

Good on ya=good for you, well done.

Heaps=a lot, e.g.”thanks heaps”, ”he earned

heaps of money” etc.

Icy–pole =Frozen Popsicle or ice cream on a stick.

Jack- in- the- box =Someone who can’t sit still.

King hit=A punch delivered without warning.

Knocker=One who criticizes.

Lair=A show-off

Larrikin=A ruffian.

Make a crust=Work for a living.

Mate=Greeting can refer to men and women

meaning buddy/friend.

Narkie=Someone who is negative or short tempered.

Never-never,Outback=The remotest parts of the bush.

Ocker=A boorish Australian.

Oldies=Parents.-”I’ll have to ask my oldies”

Oz=Term for Australia.

Pash=An extremely passionate kiss.


Pom=English person.

Push=Gang of larrikins or ruffians.

Put the bite on=Hit up someone for money.

Rat’s coffin=A meat pie.(which, contains no rat meat)

Reckon!=You bet!, Absolutely!


Scratchy=Instant lottery ticket.

Shark biscuit=An inexperienced surfer.

Shit house=adjective:-of poor quality, un enjoyable

(”the movie was shit house”)


Spit the dummy=get very upset at something.

Spunk=Attractive person.

Squib out=Backing out, chickening out.

Sticky beak=Nosy person.

Strine=Australian slang.


Two pot screamer=Someone unable to hold their liquor.

Uee,Uwie, Yewy=Make a U-turn in traffic.

Useless as an ashtray on a motorbike=Unhelpful,


Too right=Definitely

Ute=Utility vehicle, a pickup truck.

Vegemite-Sandwich spread derived from yeast extract,

similar to Marmite(an acquired taste)

Walkabout=Aboriginal term meaning ”to go  on a wander”

Wowser=Stuffy, prudish person; a spoilsport.


Yobbo =Uncouth and aggressive person.

You’d have to run around in the shower to get wet=You

are very thin.
















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