Do you know?

1.The sciatic nerve is the largest and  longest spinal

nerve in the human body.It delivers nerve signals to

and from the muscles and skin of the thighs, lower

legs and feet.

2. Taj Mahal’s name is derived from the name of a

Shiva temple, ”Tejo Mahalaya”.

3.Indian mathematician Baudhayana originally

discovered Pythagorean Theorem in around 800 B.C.

4.The Vaimanika Shastra, a collection of sketches, the

core of which is attributed to sage Bharadwaj around

the 4th century B.C.

5.Sandalwood—Kannada film industry.

Coastal wood–Tulu film industry.

Punj wood—Punjabi language movie industry.

Solly wood–Sindh language  movie industry.

Molly wood—Malayalam movie industry.

Tolly wood–Telugu film industry but it was

originally termed for west Bengal film industry.

Kolly wood– Tamil movie industry.

Olly wood–Oriya film industry.

6.”Itihas Sankalan Yojana,” history wing of  Rashtriya

Swayam Sevaka Sangha says that Bhagavadgita was

composed 5153 years ago.(Ref:India TV News Desk, 11,

December 2014.)


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