Your Guide To American Slang.

1.Airhead–stupid person.

2. Beans—money.–I have spent so many beans, but I still

don’t get support from you guys!

3.Dinosaur–something old fashioned or out of date.

–”I would love to play the latest games, but unfortunately

my computer is a dinosaur.

4.Fab- shortened for fabulous.–Your customer support is

truly fab.

5.Flaky-unpredictable.–My computer has been behaving

rather flakily for the past few days.

6.Freebie–something that is free.—Are you giving any freebies

with this product?

7.Go bananas–go crazy.–Your instructions are making me go


8.Go down–happening.–What is going down there?

9.Gomer–a dumb person.–Please stop treating me like a gomer!

10.Goof up/goofy/goof–do a mistake/silly/silly person.–I guess

I goofed up with my computer. The guys asked me to do some

goofy procedures to solve my problem. He is such a goof.

11.Gut—basic–The gut problem is how to go about reinstalling

the whole thing?

12.Hang up–Quit.–I think I’m going to hang up now. This is

going nowhere.

13.Hip–sensible, informed.–Your agent was real hip! Why don’t

you give him a raise?

14.Hip-shoot–Talk without thinking.–Are you trying to hip-shoot

your way  out of this problem?

15.Hyper–really excited—-I was hyper when I bought a HP computer.

16.  El Cheapo–something really cheap.–I should have gone in for

that el cheapo brand.

17.Outta here–out of here–leaving/going away—Okay dude, I am

outta here, I have some work to do.

18. Jillion/Zillion–huge number—- I am having a jillion problems

with my computer;  you better help me right away!

19.Lip–cheeky talk.—Don’t  you dare give me the lip. I want to

talk to a supervisor.

20.Nuke–destroy, erase—-Could you send that message again,

I nuked my inbox. I downloaded a file that nuked my computer.

21.Poop–Information.–What’s the poop on the latest software?

22.Pro–shortened version of professional.—Are you a real pro?

23.Quick and dirty—something that is done fast but not well.

I got back the PC from the service centre but I guess that they

have  done a quick and dirty job on it.

24.Racket-noise-The fan in the computer has been making such

a  racket.

25.Solid–something good and dependable. I know that you guys

are real solid! Keep going.

26.Smurfbrain—a dumb or stupid person.–I have already followed

these steps, what do you think I am? A smurfbrain?

27.Sucks–something bad and unacceptable—Your service really


28.Split—to leave. Hey,I have some work; so I got to split, see you


29.To the max–maximum.—- I have turned the level to the max, but

still I can’t hear a thing.

30.Vanilla—plain, common or regular—-I bought the cheaper, vanilla

version of the software.



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