Do You Know ?

1.Honey is made by honey bees from flower nectar.

Bees sip the nectar from the blossoms and carry into

their hives. In the bees pouch, where nectar is stored,

the same is broken down by a process called inversion

into two simple sugars called fructose and glucose. After

the bees deposit the nectar in the hire, they allow most

of the water to evaporate and the liquid thickens.  Bees

also add enzymes which enhance the flavour. Honey can

be preserved for a long time due to the presence of sugar,

a natural preservative.

2.The slogan of vijaya Bank which has changed over the

years, reflects the customer centric attitude  of the Bank.

At the time of Silver Jubilee,-”The bank of your choice.”

At the time of Golden Jubilee,-”Your partner in progress.”

At the time of  Platinum Jubilee,-”A friend you can bank upon.”

3.There are 195 countries in the world today. 193 countries are

member states  of the United Nations and two countries are

non-member states: the Holy See and the State of Palestine.

4.Mughal ruler Shah Jahan built Red Fort at  Shahjahanabad

(in present day old Delhi). The construction of the Red Fort

by the sandstone of red colour in large scale, gave it the name

”Red Fort.” The construction took nearly a decade  to complete.

5. Propensity of raccoons to dip food in water has little to do

with washing it. It’s all about making their paws more

sensitive to touch.


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