Divine Corner.


1.Oh,Great God,thou hast decided  to test the quality of our faith and to pass our sincerity on thy touch stone. Grant that we come out greater and purer from the ordeal.

2.Oh! GOD, Pashupathi, teach me to subdue the beasts of  ignorance roaming in the jungle of my mind.

3.I was treading the bright path of happiness,

When suddenly the darkness of sorrow fell before me,

And I had no torch of hope with me to illumine the path;

Yet, I groped along with the help of the walking stick of prayer,

And lo! It miraculously transformed that lingering darkness

Into an enduring sunshine.

-”Power of Prayer.”(Poet Dr. Venkataramana K.V.)

4.God is first, without a second. God is a subject for which there can be no predicate;

He is the one before whom words recoil. He cannot be described by any word or idea.

He is beyond the opposites of existence and non existence and beyond dualism of

immanence and transcendence.

5.God chastises those He wants to purify. He melts, molds and refines us into forms

that reflect His image and glory.











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