1.Pupil(on phone):My son is down with fever and won’t be able to come to school today.

School teacher:Who is this?

Pupil:This is my father speaking.

2.Q:Why Santa was arrested on the aeroplane?

A:Because when he saw his friend Jack, he shouted, ”Hi Jack”.

3.Q:Have you ever been arrested?



A:Never been caught.

4.Your future depends on your dreams. So go to sleep.

Doctor:”Have you donated blood to anyone?”


Doctor:To whom?

Patient:To mosquitoes.

5. Thief with a knife:”Give me your money.”

Man:”Do you know who I am? I am a politician.”

Thief:”OK, so give me my money.

6.If practice makes perfect and nobody is perfect, why practice?

7.One day Ramu decided to fool his friend Somu He invited him to his house on the 50th floor. When Somu reached the building he found that lifts were out of order.He somehow managed to climb the floors and when he reached the 50th floor, he found a notice on the door, ”He, he, he, I fooled you. I don’t live here. Ramu.” Somu was fuming mad. He decided to fight back. Just below the notice, he wrote:”He, he, he, I never come here-Somu.”


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