Do You Know?

1.A study of stroke patients finds that activities such as

horse back riding and rhythm and  music therapy can

help them to feel like they’ re recovering faster.

2.Cows can’t walk down stairs because their knees

don’t bend that way.

3.A mother’s fever during pregnancy is associated

with a higher risk of autism in offspring.

4.Upside down letters–N I O S H.

Upside down digits–1 0 8 .

5.The Philippines is a country of 7,641 mountain islands

with a total land area of 301,780 square kilometers in

South-east Asia.

6.Present day Udyawar was Udayapura, capital of Alupa kings

who ruled parts of coastal Karnataka. Shri Shambhu Shaileshwara

temple of Lord Shiva in Udyavar was built by sage Markandeya.

The legendary  king Bhuta Alupa Pandya  introduced matrilineal

inheritance in Tulunadu.Alupas ruled Tulunadu from 567 AD to 1325 AD.

Udyavar Madhav Achar, (orator and writer) and Oscar Fernandes, politician

are from Udyavar.

7.Surabhi( =celestial being) is one of the 108 names of Goddess Lakshmi.

Kamadhenu, also known as Surabhi in Hindu mythology is the

divine bovine-goddess and mother of all cows.

8.Madhvacharya, who propagated the message of Lord Krishna,

installed the idol of Balakrishna in Udupi. The idol was sculpted by

Vishwa Karma and was worshipped by Rukmini, the consort of

Lord Krishna.

9.Vishwakarma or Deva Shilpi built heaven or Swarga Loka, the

abode of Gods where Lord Indra ruled. He built ”Sone ki Lanka”

in Tretayuga,the city of Dwaraka in Dwapara Yuga and Hastinapur

and Indraprastha in Kaliyuga. His father was Prabhas, the 8th hermit

of legendary Ashtavasu. Vishwakarma’s mother was Yoga Siddha,

sister of  Brihaspathi. He is said to have revealed the Sthapatya Veda

or 4th Upa veda. He is the official builder of all the gods’ palaces.

He is the designer of all the flying chariots of the gods and all

their weapons. He created vajrayudha  from the bones of sage

Dadhichi. He designed triloka–mortal world, the heaven and

the nether world. One of the 7 rays of the sun is also known as

Vishwa Karma.

10.The seven rays of the Sun represent 7 types of divine energies.

First ray–Power of God.

Second  ray–Wisdom of God.

Third ray—Love of God.

Fourth ray–Purity of God.

Fifth ray–Truth of God.

Sixth ray–Peace of God.

Seventh ray–Freedom of God.

The seven horses yoked to the Sun God’s chariot are

named: Gayatri, Brhati, Usnik, Jagati, Tristup, Anustup,

and Pankti.


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