Do You Know?

1.The number of women serving in Parliaments around the world

is ”worryingly low”. Only 19.5 percent of the world law makers are

women. Seven countries including Saudi Arabia and Qatar have no

women in Parliament.Less than 8 percent of the 4,030 law makers in

28 State Assemblies across India are women. The highest representation

of women in Parliament is in Rwanda–at 56 percent.

2. Around 25 percent of India’s  medicines are fake, which has hurt the

image of India’s booming pharmaceutical industry and its export worth

$8.5 billion a year.According to International Criminal Policing Association

(Interpol) upto 30 percent of drugs sold worldwide are counterfeit causing

health problems and even death for millions of people.

3.R.B.I. admits of printing Rs.30,000 crore worth of Rs. 1000 currency notes

without silver thread.Rupees 10,000 crore has already been circulated and

R.B.I. has asked the banks to take back the notes from people as and when

they return it.

4.China’s currency has 2 names-Yuan and Renminbi. Renminbi is the official

name of the currency. It means ”the people’s currency”. Yuan is thename of

a unit of the renminbi currency.

5.Chinese Year—————————-Animals.

2008 and  2020———————————–Rat.

2009 and 2021————————————Ox.

2010 and 2022————————————Tiger.

2011 and 2023———————————–Rabbit.

2012 and 2024————————————Dragon.

2013 and 2025———————————–Snake.

2014 and 2026———————————–Horse.

2015 and 2027———————————-Sheep.

2016 and 2028———————————-Monkey.

2017 and 2029———————————Rooster.

2018 and 2030———————————Dog.

2019 and 2031———————————-Pig.

6.Paris is called the ”City of Light” because it was a place of

enlightenment in the 18th century. During this age of

enlightenment Paris became the centre of education, philosophy

and learning. Another reason is, Paris was one of the first cities

to start using street lights during the Great Exhibition of 1889.

7.Hippocrates II was a Greek Physician of the age of Pericles(classical Greece)

He was called ”Father of Modern Medicine”. He was born around the year 460 BC

(D:370 BC) on the Greek island of Kos.

8. Pingali Venkayya (B:02 August 1876;D:4 July 1963) was an Indian freedom fighter

and designer of our National flag.

9.G.S.T.=Good night; Sweet dreams; Take care.

10. Zen master Hotei is known as ”Laughing Buddha” in Japan.


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