Spiritual Quotes.

1.Illness begins with ”I”.

Wellness begins with ”we”.–Swami Sivananda.

2.Art just makes verses; only the heart is a poet.

—Andre Chenier.

3.Knowledge leads to unity and ignorance to diversity.

He is called  ”Brahman” by the jnanis, ”Atman” by  the yogis

and ”Bhagavaan” by the bhaktas (devotees). It is enough

to have sincere yearning for God.

4.We know that there are different tastes. There are different

powers of  digestion. There are different religions and creeds

to suit different aspirants. By no means all are fit for knowledge

of Brahman. Therefore the worship of God with form has been


5.In the darkness of night, silence is light, which guides us to

His domain, where love shines bright.

”His Domain”—Poet: Dr. Venkataramana K.V.

6.It is not Nature, that changes the world,

But the spiritual bent of mind,

Which turns this earth into a heaven,

Where bliss and peace one could find.

(Poem-”The Thing That Matters”–

Poet:Dr.Venkataramana K.V.)

7.God alone is real, that is to say, eternal; everything else

is unreal, because it will pass away. Give up your attachment

to fleeting objects of the world. Attend to all your duties but

keep your mind fixed on God.

8.God is even in tiger but it does not mean that we should

associate with the wicked.

9.So many Gods, so many creeds, so many paths that wind and wind,

while just the art of being kind, is all the sad world needs.


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