Spiritual Corner.

1.Tolerance empowers us to, not let irritating circumstances

steal our peace of mind.Lack of tolerance makes us a victim of

our circumstances. When people lack tolerance, they respond to

adverse situations and inimical people in one of two ways–

depression or violence. Inferiority complex, addiction or suicide

are fall outs of the first response,whereas divorce,larceny,

murder or war are results of the second. Tolerance protects us

from internal over reactions to externally distasteful situations.

2.Science and technology have improved our lives by giving us

material abundance. But science has also provided us with weapons

of mass destruction. We need spirituality more than ever, to

generate a feeling of cosmic kinship for the survival of our species

as also for an abiding personal happiness.

3.Life is a perennial river of  worldly thoughts,

Flowing toward the ocean of Divinity

From birth to death; continuity is its motto,

And enlightenment, its goal.

Poem:”A Perennial River”-Poet:Dr. Venkataramana. K.V.


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