Tribute Of Love To Mother.

Remembering  you is easy, we do it everyday;

Missing you is the heart ache, that never goes away.

We miss you now, our  hearts are sore;

As times goes  by, we miss  you more,

Your loving smile, your gentle face,

No one can fill your vacant place.

Although we cannot see you,

You are with us each day;

The love you gave us all in life,Death cannot take away.

You are loved beyond words,

And missed beyond measures.

Sadly missed along life’s way;

Quietly remembered everyday;

No longer in our life to share;

But, in our hearts you’re always there.

Your reflection lives in our thoughts and words;

What you did has been woven into what we are.

The minutes may tick by and the hours may fly,

But the memory will live on forever.

God took you to His tender care,

This, for us is hard to bear;

Your gentle voice, your twinkling  eye,

In our memory, will never die.

Tears have dried deep,

So no eyes can see us weep;

But  in our hearts, memories we keep.

Lord, I ask you not why you took her from us;

But I thank you for having given her to us.


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