A Sage Of Eternal Message.

1.We should pray for the welfare of humanity

And, then, for our own;

This should be the spirit of religion—

Nothing but this alone.

Poem ”Spirit of Religion”

2.I did not have an address before I was born;

My parents conceptualised me, gave me a form,

A name and an address, for which I offer

This poetic tribute in gratitude.

Poem:My Parents.

3.Incessant downpour dampened my spirits today,

Which, otherwise, would have floated

On the skies wingless;

Blossoming trees fuelled my spirits

To soar to the rainbow yesterday

Which, otherwise, would have drooped

Like a dog’s ears unnoticed.

Yeah, my mood changes  often,

But my soul is unaffected

Like the distant horizon

Which is destined to remain colourless,

Despite many a sunrise and sundown.

Poem:The Unaffected.

4.If you should ever be unkind,

I will only be kind to you;

If you should ever be ungrateful,

I will only be grateful to you;

If you should ever stab me in the back,

I will only bare my chest before you;

If you should ever cheat me,

I will only help you;

If  you should ever hate me,

I will only shower my love on you;

For, now, I have grown into an ocean

That is ever-willing to receive

A stream like you!

Poem:A Relenting Self.

Poems by Dr.Venkataramana K. V.

selected from the book–”The Sunlight And Circumstance.


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