An Unsolved Riddle.

The home was fully furnished with luxurious things;

Toys vied with one another to reach the child;

The door was always kept open for the child to go out

And return at his will; The child was showered with love

By all at home and at all times. The sun rose early to greet him

With its warm hands; The moon and the stars peeped in

Through the window at night to illuminate his innocent face;

Flowers never withered in day as he kept roaming about the garden;

Pups and kittens stagnated in their babyhood

To enjoy longer the company of the child;

The cuckoo cooed all day long, to keep him happy…..

Then why did he cut short his journey on earth?

The pups, the kittens and the flowers, the sun, the moon and the stars

And all his kith and kin grope and endlessly wait for an answer.

Source:”Sunlight and circumstance”—poet:Dr.Venkataramana K.V.


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