Adhika Masam or Leap Month.

Adhika Masam is an additional month that appears once

in 2-3 years in the Hindu lunar calendar. This implies that

a year with Adhika Masam will have 13 months in place of

12 months.The main deity of this month is  Lord Vishnu,

who is worshiped as ‘Purushottama’ and therefore this

month is also known as ‘Purushottama Masam’.

The Hindu calendar is based on the cycle of moon and

therefore consists of 354 days whereas the solar calendar

consists of 365 days in a year.The difference of days(11 days)

between the lunar and solar calendar over a period of 2-3 years

makes up a full month of nearly 29 days. This month is  then

observed as Adhika Masam. It should  therefore be understood

that Adhika Masam will never occur in the solar calendar

followed in the States of West Bengal. Orissa, Tamilnadu,

Assam and Kerala. The observance of this additional month

is therefore restricted to States that follow lunar calendar

calculations like Maharashtra, Gujarat, Karnataka and Andhra

Pradesh. Special rituals are held in various temples in these

States during the period of Adhika Masam.

During the Adhika Masa period, marriages, house warming

ceremonies, buying new ornaments or vehicles are prohibited.

Installation of  new idols of God in temples,any form of fire

related rituals like Yajna, any vrat associated to Goddess and

devotees on a first time pilgrimage are prohibited.

Functions that can be performed are–worship of Lord Vishnu,

Sandhya Vandanam, Ekadasi Vrut and baby shower ceremony,

Rituals related to Dosha Nivaarana Puja,Chaturmasa vrut and

Shraddha Karma or offering to the ancestors can be performed.


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