One Line Quotes.

1.Everything has beauty, but not everyone can see.

2.If the  wind will not serve, take the oars. (Latin proverb)

3.A rose smiling amidst the thorns, is a unique philosophy.

(Dr.K.V. Venkataramana).

4.Time is a train, carrying all passengers and speeding fast

to the last destination on earth, called death.(Dr.K.V. Venkataramana.)

5.All work has inadequacies; even fire is enveloped by smoke.

6.The material world progresses by competition;the spiritual

world advances in loneliness.-(Dr.K.V. Venkataramana.)

7.A  poet is not a superhuman but only a pebble, capable of causing

ever-widening ripples of love on the lake of humanity.(Dr.K.V. Venkataramana)

8.Though all society is founded on intolerance, all improvement

is founded on tolerance.(George Bernard Shaw)

9.Life is series of lessons learned only through series of mistakes.

10.A novelist’s inspiration is long, which may run into hundreds

of pages; but a poet’s inspiration is brief like a spark and yet,

it may glow for ages.(Dr.K.V. Venkataramana.)


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