Literature is defined as books or written works which

are considered to have creative or artistic value.

Literature refers to works of creative imagination,

including poetry, drama, fiction, journalism and in

some instances , song. It is the communication of

thoughts, ideas and feelings through the written

words. It is an artistic interpretation of the world

according to percipient’s point of views. It is a slice

of  life that has been given direction and meaning.

The word literature, literally means, ”things made

from letters” expressing ideas of universal interest.

Literature is a text, where one of the 6 features of

communication loses it’s simplicity and becomes

multiple and ambiguous.(The six features of communications are-

1.There must be at least two persons-the sender of information

and receiver.2.Exchange of ideas.3.Mutual understanding.

4.Communication can be direct and indirect.5.Communication

is an endless process.6.Communication may be written, oral and

symbolic.) Literature is an art where ideas, thoughts and opinions

are being expressed through written and any symbolic record

encompassing everything from images and sculptures to letters.

Literature is stories, poems and plays,especially those that are

considered to have values and not just entertainment.Literature means

written works  considered of superior or lasting artistic merit.

Critics exclude those  literary works from the classification

”literature”, on the grounds of poor standard of grammar

and syntax of an unbelievable or disjointed story line

or of inconsistent or unconvincing characters.

Genre fiction(for eg: romance,crime or science, fiction)

may also become excluded from consideration as literature.


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