Do You Know?

1.Denmark is the happiest country in the world.

India ranked 122 out of 155 countries in the world.

2.It is said that carpet was a handicraft of Iran.

The messengers of  Islam and traders of Iran came

to India and brought equipments of weaving carpets

along with raw materials. They made carpets and

also taught the Indians.

3.Card playing was introduced by the Chinese before

1000 AD. They reached Europe around 1360 from

Mameluke empire of Egypt.There is another theory

according to which roving Gypsies introduced them to

Europe, as they journeyed from village to village side

show and entertaining.Puritans called them ”Devil’s

tickets” and ”devil picture book.”

4.If a person slants the words to the right, he is an

extrovert, expressive and emotional in nature. If he

slants to the left, then he is an introvert and emotionally


5.The Great Wall of China, built by  Ming dynasty in the

15th and 16th century stretches about 2,400 kilometres

along China’s northern border.

6.Mount Mauna Kea in Hawai is the tallest mountain on

the earth (10203 Metre)when you measure the distance between its base

and its peak. Everest’s claim to be the world’s tallest mountain

is based on the fact that its summit is the highest point

(8,848 metres)above sea level on the earth’s surface.

7.”Come”  means ”less” in Hindi and ”more” means a ”peacock” in Hindi.

8.December 21 is the longest night of the year, before the days begin to

grow longer again. Romans worshipped  the birthday of the Sun

on December 25 for winning  over the darkness of winter. Pope

Julius Ist declared in 351AD, that the birth of Jesus would be

celebrated on the 25th December. The first recorded date of

Christmas being celebrated on December 25th was in 336 AD,

during the time of the Roman Emperor Constantine, who was

the first Christian Roman Emperor.


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