Soft Drink

Apart from the obvious addition of calories(each 330 ml

contains 9 teaspoons of sugar) and the bloating from the

soda, soft drink consumption means consumption of phosphorus

and artificial food colours that may run down your health.

Phosphoric acid is added to acidify soft drinks. Other acids

used include acetic acid, fumaric acid, lactic acid and gluconic

acid. A high phosphate intake is linked to an active thyroid

gland and bone loss(osteoporosis)

Soft drink consumption also leads to calcium deficiency

among the young. In fact, substitution of soft drinks for

milk is one of the factors contributing to the poor intake of

calcium among teenagers.Plus the high intake of free sugars

puts you at risk of consuming lesser nutrients. Because the

body is  getting the energy from the sugar content, people

tend to eat less and absorb less of nutrients and micronutrients.

Some studies suggest that chemicals present in soft drinks

can alter the phbalance in the body and caffeine present in them

can make them addictive.

Last but not the least, there’s always the question of tooth decay.

Instead of that soft drink, try to make-do with healthier drinks like

unsweetened fruit juices, lassi, nimbu paani, skimmed/low fat milk

or bottled water, sugar-free  sodas.

Author-Ishi Khosla.

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