Health Benefits Of Coffee.

Beneficial aspects of coffee are-

Significant presence of antioxidants within coffee beans

are proven to help mitigate the chances of heart disease

and cancer.Studies also show that caffeine intake is

associated with a lower risk of Alzheimer’s and

Parkinson’s diseases.The caffeine in a strong

a cup of coffee can help relieve a migraine, if it is

consumed in the very early stages of a headache.

Caffeine is often added to pain medications because

it improves absorption and increases their pain

killing effect.Coffee  has been used in Scotland to

treat asthma since 1859. There is evidence that

drinking coffee may substantially reduce the

risk of developing the most common  form

of diabetes, Type 2 diabetes.There is a scientific

evidence to show that coffee may help provide

significant protection against the development of

liver disease.Coffee improves alertness which would

be good for those on long drives or studying for an

exam.Coffee also help improve short term memory.

A dose of coffee keeps night workers awake, alert

and active.


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