Do You Know?

1.The Kadri Manjunatha temple at Mangaluru was founded by

Matsyendranatha, Jogi of Natha Pantha.

2.Shiva Linga at Dharmasthala was brought by  Annappa, from

Kadri, Mangaluru. Vadiraja Swamiji of Udupi consecrated the

Shiva Linga.

3.Satyavati was daughter of the Chedi king Vasu.She was brought

up as a commoner, the adopted daughter of Dasharaja who was

a fisherman. She was the queen of the Kuru king Shantanu of

Hastinapur and the great grand mother of the Pandava and

Kaurava princes. She is also the mother of seer Vyasa.

4.Valmikiwas the son of a sage Prachetasa. Valmiki’s

name was Ratnakara. He was born along the banks of

Ganges. While playing he lost his way and began to cry.

He was pacified by a hunter who took the boy to his hut

in the midst of the jungle.

5.Kempe Gowda was the founder of Bangaluru, which

was designed by him in the year 1537.

6.Chola king Rajendra Chola was a greatest Chola ruler and

military generals of India .Chola rules spanned more

than 2,000 years. Rajendra Chola succeeded his father

in 1014 C.E. He spread Hinduism across Asia through

his naval conquests. He made extensive overseas conquests

of territories like the Andaman, Lakshadweepa, Thailand,

Cambodia,Malaysia, Laos, Indonesia and modern Vietnam.

7.Holi in India is celebrated in various names in different States.

Name of the State———————Name of  Holi






Mathura—————————-Lath mar.

Uttara khand————————Kumaoni Holi.

Bihar——————————Holi Milan

West Bengal————————Dol Jatra.

In Nepal also Holi is celebrated.

8.The oldest known temple in karavali, dedicated to

Lord Shiva is at Shambhukallu, Udyavar, Udupi.

Udyavar was formerly called Udayapura. It was

the capital of Alupas

9.Different names of Shiva are:

Aashutosh=One who fulfills wishes instantly.


Akshayaguna=God with limitless attributes.

Anagha=Without any faults.

Bhairav=Lord of terror.

Lalataksha; Bhalanetra=One who has an eye in the


Bholenath=Kind hearted Lord.

Chandrapal=Master of the moon.

Gangadhara=Lord of river Ganga.

Girijapati=Consort of Girija.

Hara=Master of the universe.

Jagadisha=Master of the universe.

Kailashadhipathi=Lord of Mount Kailash.

Mahadeva=Greatest God.

Mahakala=Lord of All Times.

Mahamaya=Lord of great illusions.

10.Chandipur beach in Odisha is home

to a rare phenomenon in which the sea

disappears suddenly and comes back on

a daily basis.It is also the location of the

Indian Army’s Integrated Test Range (ITR)


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  1. I have gone through many a page of Vani Hegde’s blog today which deals with a variety of topics from mundane to spiritual. They impart knowledge, wisdom and new insights into things or happenings of daily life which often we fail to notice. I am so impressed by her writings that I will keep visiting her blog every now and then to acquaint myself with her unique ideas and perspectives on different aspects of life.

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