1.When  you don’t have the words, say it with flowers.

2. Prepare, because you can’t  predict.

3.Life contains immense riches.Recognize them.

4.Look changes, not the outlook.

5.Placing a ‘topi’ on someone’s head hasn’t got

very positive connotation.Yet placing a ‘pagdi’ is

a sign of recognition and respect.

6.We have the dummies.We need the brains.

7.Strength does not come from winning. When

you go through hardships and decide not to

surrender, that is strength.

8.Command of one’s self is the greatest empire

one can aspire for.                -Milton.

9.Legends don’t die.But they sometimes fade away.

10.It is not working long hours that take the toll

of your health but the attitude with which you work.

11.Poor firms ignore their competitors;

Average firms copy their competitors;

Winning firms lead their competitors.

12.”Time goes,” you say?Ah,No!

Alas, Time stays,we go.–Austin Dobson.

13.Many feel, but only a few can express.

14.We get what we deserve and not what we desire.

15.The world is a beautiful book but of little use

to him, who cannot read it.


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