The Health Benefits Of Silence

Silence is very beneficial to your health.

Noise over 30 decibels is associated with high

blood pressure, anxiety and stress. Silence

lowers blood pressure and allows you to deal

with life’s challenges in a better way.

Silence is important if it’s inside or outside.

Sometimes you have more chatter going on

inside than you have noise outside. Close the

door and sit some where for a while and just

watch the chatter slow down.

Silence allows you to find yourself in the midst

of all the crazy running around.

Your mind needs to recharge too and it does

more recharging in silence that it does during sleep.

Silence boosts your immune system making it

easy  for your body to fight of invading bacteria

and other pathogens.

Silence makes you happy, spending time in silence

boosts your brain chemistry and you’re able to focus

better too.Silence makes you look and feel younger

and at the same time have a lot more energy.

Silence allows for good hormone  regulation and

interaction of all the hormone related systems

in your body.

Silence keeps plaques from forming in arteries

and thus helping to prevent cardiovascular

diseases and strokes.Silence reduces pain and

also helps your brain to become more interactive

thus you work with more of your brain, leading to

higher cognitive abilities.

Source:Dr.Paul Haider.

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