See More Of Life.

The majority of what we experience in life comes to us

through our sense of sight. In fact of our all five sense

organs, eyes are the most important and as we only have

a pair of eyes to last our life time it is extremely important

to take good care of them.

Eye fatigue and headaches can often be prevented with

proper visual correction.When the eye presents no visual

defects, image focuses clearly on the retina. However when

they do not focus on the retina, vision is blurred.

Thus there are various  visual defects like:

Myopia:You do not see distant objects clearly.

Hyperopia: It’s difficult to focus on near objects.

In the first case eye may be longer than normal eye

and image is formed in front of the retina and reserved

in the latter.

Astimatism: The corneal curvature is uneven.

Presbyopia:Virtually everyone is affected after the

age 40. With our evolving lifestyles this gap is reducing

further with greater and greater dependence on computer

and lack of good nutrition. You begin to have difficulty

in viewing near objects as the crystalline lens loses its


Visual defects in children are generally detected

quite late because they may shy away from spectacles

and also they may be unable to comprehend the problem.

Schools must understand that they need to have rotation

basis of seating for children, because if children keep

sitting in front seats visual defects may go unknown

for long periods.



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