The Role, Goal And Values Of Education.

Destiny of a man/woman is shaped in the classroom.

School is a building of four walls with tomorrow inside.

A man has three characters-innate, inherited and acquired.

While we cannot alter the innate character and the inherited

character of a person, education can help  greatly shape his

acquired character.

There are three classrooms of a child.His acquired character

is moulded in these three classrooms of humanity:(i)home

(ii) school (iii) society.

The role of education -Body, mind and soul stand formed,

trained and skilled to be useful and responsible member

of society.

Goal of education-Teach words of God to students.

Education alone  can reveal gems hidden in man and

enable mankind to benefit therefrom.

The purpose of today’s education should be

redemption of mankind from the four evils listed below:

the malady of society is (i) its Godlessness (ii) its ignorance

(iii)its confusion and (iv) its conflict.

Value of education-Education must concern itself with

the affairs of the age. We see religious bigotry, fanaticism,

terrorism,crime and violence. Tolerance and compassion

have gone underground.Poverty, hunger, misery, illiteracy,

unemployment and lay-offs show their ugly faces everywhere.

True education consists of 3 parts:1. Material education(trains

the body) 2.Human education(trains the mind) 3.Divine education

(moulds the spirit and soul of a man.)

School must become the lighthouse of society. A lighthouse is

a tower with a powerful flashing light that guides ships away

from danger. Schools must be a beacon to warn and guide

parents and society.


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