Do You Know?

1.Kirlian photography  can be used as an adjunct(subordinate)

in cancer detection and fertility patterns. Kirlian institute,

London has slides to prove that personality, health, mental

and emotional problems could be diagnosed on the basis of

the coronas of the hand.Dr.Douglas Dean,Nobel laureate(New

Jersey) claimed that aura or corona in Kirlian photography

can be used to give an idea of the state of the whole organism,

the positive and negative emotions like love and hate, attraction

and repulsion. Even powerful thoughts affected the aura as did

any illness.

.2.  The role of iodine in brain development.-

Iodine is required for the synthesis of thyroid hormones.

These hormones in turn are required for brain development,

which occurs during fetal and early postnatal life.

Iodine is one of the 7 diatomic elements.It is a mineral and

a chemical element.

Since the body cannot synthesize this mineral, it’s important

to include various iodine rich foods in your diet each day.

Iodine rich foods are-baked potatoes,iodized salt, plain

yogurt, white bread,green beans, boiled eggs etc.

Iodine deficiency cause hair loss, increase metabolism.

Don’t take more iodine than what you need, as this can

work against you.

3. The Paleo Diet is hugely popular these days. It recommends

foods that our hunter-gatherer ancestors supposedly ate:

-fattier cuts of meats, eggs, vegetables, seafood and nuts.

Vegetarians do get to add cheese and whole milk based products

like paneer and ghee.People following Paleo diet avoid all grains

like rice and wheat, dhal, beans, soy, starchy vegetables and

refined vegetable oils.They select high fat fruits like avocados

and coconuts. These are heralded as healthy fats and are eaten

without any hesitation.

4.Bulgarian phone bosses have suspended the mobile  number

-0888 888 888 after every user assigned to it died.


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