Lions Clubs International.

Lions Clubs International, a service membership

organization of over 1.4 million members worldwide

(as on April 2015) was founded in the United States

by Melvin Jones, a Chicago businessman on June 7,1917.

L-I-O-N-S heralds to the country the true meaning

of citizenship:Liberty,Intelligence,Our Nation’s Safety.

A worldwide charitable society, devoted to social and

international service, taking its membership primarily

from business and professional groups.The 46,000

Lions Clubs over 200 countries, make the ‘Lions Clubs

International Organization’, a largest service organization.

Service is what makes a Lion.Centennial Legacy Projects are

a great way for Lions Clubs to celebrate the centennial

while reminding the community of their vital contributions.

All legacy projects are identified with a sign or plaque

indicating the project was donated by a lions club.

The four centennial service challenge areas are-hunger,

youth, vision and environment.

Where there is a need, there is a Lion.Lions do good

for others and for themselves. Membership is the source of

strength of Lions.

Life for a Lion is not riding a new horse but a new thought.

The 100th Lions Club International convention will be held in

Chicago on June 30 to July 4, 2017.The MGM Grand Resort

will host the  centenary celebration of Lions Club International



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