God’s Little Book of Peace.

  1. Know God know peace…No God,no peace.
  2. Count your blessings, not your troubles.
  3. Turn unpleasant experiences into positive lessons.
  4. Discover other people’s plights; it may make yours pale into insignificance.
  5. Tell God everything and unburden your heart.
  6. Worry divides the mind; peace restores your mind to oneness.
  7. Deception, falsity and even half truths will stifle your search for peace.
  8.  Seek forgiveness.He is willing to forgive and forget. Just ask Him.
  9. Avoid a ”must do” attitude.
  10. Slow down! There’s no one winner in the race of life.
  11. Go somewhere peaceful-a quiet garden or a babbling brook where your soul can be uplifted.
  12. Let God lead. This enables you to handle life through His strength.
  13. Take a nap;sleep is a gift from God.
  14. Anything that makes it difficult to love our fellow man makes it difficult to love God.
  15. The way of escape that God offers us is not a flight, but a release.He says:”Come unto me and I will give you rest.
  16. Source-”God’s little book of peace” author-Richard Daly.

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