1.Q:How does the ocean say hello ?

An: It waves.

2.Q: Which building is the tallest in the world?

Ans:The library, because it has the most stories.

3.Q:Why is the maths book unhappy?

Ans:Because it has too many problems.

4.”If you refuse to marry me, I shall die”

says Mankanna to his girlfriend.But she

refused to marry him.And Mankanna died.

When?-after 60 years!

5.Q:What do you call people who don’t believe

in going to Gym?

Ans: GymNastiks.

6.Man-1:Why is Prime Minister not seen in the morning?

Man-2:Because he is P M and not A M.

7.”Open the window and Let the AIRFORCE

come in.”

8. ”Will you hang the calendar or else I shall

hang myself.”

9.Naughty kid:Hello!Do you have a refrigerator?

Man:Yes I have.Who’re you?

Kid:Is it running?


Kid:Get hold of it.Otherwise it may run away.

After a few minutes, the phone bell rings again.

Naughty Kid: Hello! Do you have a refrigerator?

Man(angrily):No, I don’t have.

Kid: Didn’t  I tell you to hold it?

10.A man can achieve success if he tries hard.

A woman can achieve success if she cries hard.


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