Collection of Quotes.

1.Time is a great healer but a poor beautician.

2. Life must be understood backward and lived forward.

3.Love is like a war, easy to begin and hard to end.

4.A house is built by hands.A home is built by  hearts.

5. Worry is like the sand in oyster. A  little produces

a pearl;too much kills the animal.

6. The wound of words is worse than the wound of a sword.

7. Superstitions are the religions of feeble minds.

8.Life is for one generation; a good name is forever.

9.God-the unknown dictator.

10. We live by information, not by sight.

11.Be like a postage stamp.Stick to one thing until

you get there.

12.Love=L-lots of trouble;O-Oceans of tears;

V-Valley of death;E-End of life.

13.He who rules himself, rules over the whole world.

14.What we become depends upon what we read.

15.The best communicators are those who are brief

to the point and clear in their purpose.

16.Cheaters never prosper.

17.Don’t bite off, more than you can chew.

18.Bloom, where you are planted.

19.Much bran and little meal.

20.You can’t milk a bull.

21.A rising tide lifts all boats.

22.The longer you live, the more you see.

23.Outside noisy, inside empty.

24.Bitter pills may have blessed effects.

25.Love overflows and joy never ends in a home,

that’s blessed with family and friends.




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