Do You Know?

1.Diet in pregnancy influences child’s gender.

Eating bananas(potassium intake) was associated

with having a boy.Drinking a lot of milk (calcium)

but within safe limits, eating breakfast cereal everyday,

having a reasonable intake of sodium plus a good intake

of protein meant that women were likely to have boys.

It’s the converse of that if you’re hoping for a girl.

2.To what question can you never answer ”yes”?

Ans:Q.1.Are you sleeping?

Q.2.Are you me?

Q.3.Are you dead?

Q.4.What’s the opposite of ”yes”?

3.Scientists have discovered a new gene, responsible

for good health and longevity in humans. The gene FOXO 3a

is known for increasing lifespan in other species, now

linked to humans for the first time, increasing their lifespan

beyond 100 years. FOXO  genes are present in 4 forms in

humans but its form FOXO 3a is being associated with

better health and longevity.


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