Do You Know?

W E D=World Environment Day.

E.Q.=Emotional Quotient.

N A M=Non Aligned Movement.

S I T =Special Investigation  Team.


Gautam=Gau=Bright light;Tam=Darkness. Gautam means one who dispels darkness (i.e.ignorance) with his brilliance.(i.e.spiritual knowledge)

”Villa” is the French word for house.

Shri  Krishna was born on 19th July 3228 B C E. He lived for 126 years and 5 months(i.e.up to 18th February 3102 B C E. when the Kaliyuga started.

”Coastal Wood” refers to Tulu film industry.







Mahabharath War started on November 6th, 3126 B C E.

Bhagavata was written by Veda Vyasa.

Kashmir is the Switzerland of India.


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