Divine Corner.

1.The human mind is the most powerful healing force

in the world, not matched by any drug. Avoid contamination

by impure thoughts.

2.Writing out your troubled thoughts on paper, extracts

the mind of haphazard thinking. Try doing this and experience

a mental release.

3.If you always tell the truth, you never have to worry about

remembering what you said. Nothing is more important

than credibility. Lose that and you can  lose everything.

4. Don’t waste time focusing on things you can’t change.

Instead, focus on things you can, like your perspective

and attitude toward life.

5. Tranquillity-what a peaceful word! Picture yourself

in a tranquil scene-by a calm flowing river, a serene

sunset, a quiet meadow. This in itself aids peace of mind.

6.In times of need, remember that God sends His angels

to camp around those who trust Him, and to deliver them

from their troubles.

7.Children have no thought for the past or the future.

They enjoy the moment. Follow them into their beautiful

and enchanting world.

8.By maintaining your peace when under attack, you are

telling the devil, ”I’m still trusting in God”. This baffles

the enemy.

9.Be anxious for nothing. All it does is distort your mind.

10. To forgive is a powerful release of pent-up feelings.

It leads to freedom. Freedom leads to peace.

Source:God’s little book of Peace.

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