I love my motherland. It is here that I was born and brought up, where my life blossoms

and  I get meaning to my existence.Naturally I am deeply attached to my motherland.

Patriotism is this love towards the motherland.

Patriotism is one of the noblest feelings that can exist in human mind and heart.

For a patriot everything about his country is noble. I am proud of her cultural heritage.

The manners, customs and traditions of the country  are very dear to me.I am enchanted

by her mountains,rivers and natural features.I take pride in her art,architecture,literature

and music. For me there is no country in the world comparable to,my motherland.

I am prepared to make any sacrifice for my country.Such is the inspiring force of

patriotism that the whole country becomes one during crisis.

Every country has its share of great patriotism.My country does not lag behind

in any manner in this regard. Rani Laxmibai, Subhash Chandra Bose,Mahatma Gandhi,

Chatrapathi Shivaji,are a few of them.

However the word patriotism is misunderstood by many.It is often equated with

fanaticism.Patriotism means loving ones own country,but at the same time not

hating other countries. It is the positive feeling and doesn’t preach hatred towards others.


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